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In-house Seminar

QM-SÜD offers in-house-training for all organizations to make your company faster, more flexible and more customer-oriented. Our trainers are experienced auditors and project managers from a wide range of company sizes and industries and bring with them many years of practical experience. We guarantee a professional knowledge transfer to your employees.

You determine the topic and the scope. We evaluate the required content for the topic and the target persons. We promote a joint learning process and ensure a company-specific knowledge transfer.

We specialize in the following topics and are happy to offer additional topics upon request.

1. Basics of quality management
2. Implementation of the quality management system in companies
3. Audits

1. Basics of quality management

In the basic quality management seminar, we provide the basic knowledge of the quality management system to your employees. You will learn the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and receive input on how to implement the standard and prepare for certification.

We provide you with the QM tools that enable you to understand your quality management tasks and to find solutions.

Together we design seminars according to your needs.


  • Quality – terms and basic understanding
  • Understand the quality management system
  • ISO 9001 content
  • Process landscape
  • Process modelling and documentation
  • Control of the QM documents

2. Implementation of the quality management system in companies

The establishment of a quality management is a multifaceted task that has to be coordinated. Through this seminar you will get to know the process steps that you need for the introduction and for the successful certification.

We convey the specific requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and give you input on how to implement the standard and prepare for certification. A good knowledge of project management is an advantage but not a must in order to implement the QMS. An efficient design of the project organization and project planning reduces the effort for the introduction of the quality management.


  • Project planning and project structure
  • Standard requirements
  • Document type and document preparation
  • Structure of the process map
  • Control / versioning and management of documentation
  • Preparation for internal audit
  • Preparation for certification audit

3. Internal audits

The implementation of regulatory requirements as well as defined company guidelines are monitored by self-inspection or internal audits.

The Participants will get an overview of the approach to audit planning/audit program, implementation, evaluation whether the standard requirements as well as the defined company guidelines have been met, evaluation of the standard implementation, documentation and follow-up of the measures.

In this seminar, you will learn how the internal audit is conducted and how you can optimally prepare for this audit. This includes the preparation phase, the implementation and the follow-up phase of internal audits or self-inspections. Furthermore, possible corrective actions are explained in case non-conformities are discovered.


  • Planning the time of the internal audit
  • PDCA, facts and compliance
  • Communication tools:
  • Conducting internal audits
    • Opening meeting
    • Review of documents
    • Sampling
    • Final meeting
    • Evaluation
    • Audit report
    • Follow-up
  • Regulatory basis
  • Requirements for persons and qualification
  • Conducting an internal audit

We will design the seminar specifically for your company. We will, together with you, define the training needs of your employees.

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