1st Party Audits

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Internal Audits

We are able to take over the “1st party audits” or “internal audits” for you.

Our absolutely independent and competent auditor will plan, prepare and execute and report on the audit.

On request, we will accompany you in the definition of necessary measures and their implementation up to the effectiveness review.

Audit procedure:

Audit preparation

  • Collect Information about the objectives of the audit
  • Coordinate with the customer about the effort/ audit days
  • Collect Information from our customers (audit date/participants, etc.)
  • Review the process landscape and other necessary documents such as organization chart, manual, processes, etc.
  • Prepare the auditor for the audit
  • Send audit plan with topics and times

Audit execution

  • Perform on-site auditing at the customer’s premises
  • Ensure that wherever possible auditing takes place where the work is performed
  • Collect audit evidence during the spot checks
  • Feedback on relevant points will be given on site
  • Identify and document deviations and improvement potentials
  • A summary of the audit will be presented and discussed with all audit participants on completion

Audit follow-up

  • Preparation of the audit report
  • Description of main, minor deviations and improvement potentials
  • Transmission of the audit report to the customer

Preparation and processing of the action plan

  • Support in the preparation of the action plan in accordance with the deviations and improvement potentials
  • Preparation of the processing plan for the defined measures
  • Support during the processing of the measures
  • Review of the effectiveness of the measures
  • Successful completion

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