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Certification Audits

3rd party audits / certification audits are only performed by accredited certification bodies and by 3rd party auditors trained for this purpose.

Our lead auditor is your contact person and at the same time auditor for the certification. He will support you from the initial inquiry to the completion of certification.

As a long-standing contractual partner of TÜV SÜD Management service, we certify companies by conducting audits on behalf of this accredited certification company.

You can successfully complete the certification procedure with us by:

  • Contracting us to set up your QM system, or to update your existing QM system. We contract the accredited certification company for you. Proposing an auditor to perform the audit. We support you until the certification is completed, or
  • Alternatively you may already have a QM system and do not need any additional consulting for it but would like to apply for certification of your company. In this case we offer the complete package with our lead auditor, who carries out the audit on your premises on behalf of the accredited certification company.

Certification procedure:


  • The customer contacts us and informs us about his request
  • First non-binding meeting with the customer
  • Completion of questionnaires with the desired services as well as the relevant company data
  • Request for quotation

Offer / Order

  • Your questionnaires are forwarded to the certification company
  • The certification company prepares an offer
  • We forward the offer to our customer
  • Order according to offer

Audit preparation (audit level I and II)

  • Coordination (audit date/participants etc.)
  • Review of process landscape and other necessary documents such as organization chart, manual, processes, etc.
  • Preparation of the auditor for the audit
  • Sending the audit plan with topics and times

Audit execution

  • Auditing at the customer’s site
  • Auditing is carried out on the spot of work execution
  • Collection of audit evidence during the spot checks
  • Feedback of relevant points is given on the spot
  • Identification of deviations and potentials for improvement are documented
  • Overall impression is discussed at the end of the audit with all audit participants involved
  • Recommendation of the auditor regarding the issuance of the certificate

Audit follow-up

  • Preparation of the audit report
  • Description of the main, minor deviations and improvement potentials
  • Transfer of the audit report in the system and sending to the customer

Certification company

  • Decision of the certification company for issuing the certificate to the company
  • Issuance of the certificate
  • Completion of the certification
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