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Accreditation according to

ISO 17025

The professional and technical competence of a testing and calibration laboratory is certified by accreditation by a public notified body. The main component of a functioning testing laboratory is the expertise and the analytical and technical knowledge of the employees. As QM consultants with experience, we will support your staff on all questions relating to accreditation – from the introduction of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 17025 to the accreditation by an external body of your laboratory.

Is your laboratory to be accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Do you want to integrate an existing management system according to ISO 9001?

We support you competently, effectively and flexibly.

Through our dedicated professional consultants with many years of experience in the implementation of management systems, we guarantee successful consulting, training and support for your employees in the efficient introduction and implementation of the ISO 17025 standard.

By means of a well-founded as-is analysis, we determine the need for action. Together with you, we will develop a schedule for upcoming tasks.

We will advise on the content of the standards and requirements of the, prepare your document templates in accordance with the standards, train your employees, carry out trial and interim audits and assist you during the accreditation audit.

We would like to support you in the long term and if you need further help after accreditation, we are always there for you.

Project accreditation preparation

  • Internal works to initiate the project
  • Scheduling and coordination of tasks
  • Request for quotation from the appropriate notified bodies

Determination of the actual state

  • Kick-off meeting on site with the QM consultant working group
  • Review of existing documents
  • Planning of the project process and definition of the next steps.

Project implementation

  • Presentation and management of all documented information
  • Creation of the process landscape
  • Creation of all documented information
  • Documentation of validation and verification
  • Preparation of the calibration laboratory for accreditation according to ISO 17025

Training employee

  • Quality Management /Requirements of ISO 17025
  • Documented information and document management of the new QM system
  • Audit preparation/instruction related to an external certification audit

Review and auditing

  • Review of the compliance status of all requirements
  • Execution of the internal audit
  • Preparation of the audit report
  • Implementation of the measures
  • Control of the implemented measures
  • Preparation of the management evaluation

Certification by an external public notified body

  • Scheduling and organization of the accreditation audit
  • Consultation and transmission of the documents to the notified body
  • Accompaniment during the external accreditation audit
  • Project completion

Alternative QM Outsourcing

If you wish to transfer QM topics to an external specialist for your company, we will be happy to take over all QM topics. Thus, you do not need to acquire the specific know-how and can fully concentrate on your daily core business.

Of course, we are also available at any time to help you with specific questions or tasks.

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