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Certification according to

ISO 9001

Our practice-oriented consulting is one of our core competencies.

We will support your company in developing comprehensive solutions specific to your requirements.

Our portfolio includes a complete consultation around the QM system documentation preparation, process management, document management, training and auditing with a guarantee of success in certification to ISO 9001.

We will work on your site with you and your employees to make your company fit for certification. We will manage the entire process to enable you to concentrate on your daily business.

Compliant with ISO requirements, we will create a paperless document management system. Employees will have access to all necessary information, clearly arranged and user-friendly.

From the start and throughout the process we will be with you until successful completion. We will support you during preparation, implementation, auditing, etc. and instruct and support you during external audits.

Steps in obtaining Certification to ISO 9001  

  • Initiate the Project internally
  • Schedule and coordinate tasks within your company
  • Based on your requirements obtain offers from suitable certification companies

Determination of the current status

  • Kick-off meeting on site with the QM consultant working group
  • Review of the existing documents
  • Planning of the project schedule and definition of the next steps.

Project implementation

  • Presentation of all documented information
  • Creation of the process landscape
  • Creation of all documented information
  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Review of requirements from interested parties
  • Preparation of the company for ISO 9001 certification

Employee training

  • Quality management / ISO 9001 requirements
  • Documented information and document management of the new QM system
  • Audit preparation/instruction related to an external certification audit

Review and auditing 

  • Review of the compliance status of all requirements
  • Execution of the internal audit
  • Preparation of the audit report
  • Implementation of the measures
  • Control of the implemented measures
  • Preparation of the management evaluation

Certification by an external certification company

  • Scheduling and organization of the certification audit
  • Consultation and transmission of the documents to the certification body
  • Support during the external certification audit
  • Project completion

Alternative QM Outsourcing

If you wish to transfer QM topics to an external specialist for your company, we will be happy to take over all QM topics. Thus, you do not need to acquire the specific know-how and can fully concentrate on your daily core business.

We are also available at any time to answer your specific questions or perform specific tasks.

You can arrange a non-binding consultation meeting immediately.

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